Jahi Winston attends the 2017 BMI Trailblazer awards

As Jahi Winston (lil Ralph Tresvant in the New Edition BET series ) hit the red carpet of the BMI Trailblazer Awards I absolutely had to interview him. The biggest part of  the conversation I had with Jahi Winston was explaining that once the BET New Edition Story series aired; his life was going to forever be changed. He would no longer be just “JAHI WINSTON”; however he would be the little boy that played Ralph Tresvant as a kid in the New Edition movie. That would be a very big role to fill which Jahi had no problem doing because he has an amazing voice that emulates and embodies Ralph Tresvant at his same age. There aren’t too many young boys who could amazingly pull this off. This is one talented special kid Jahi Winston and his parents have got to be extremely proud of him.

Not only does Jahi know how to sing, but he also plays the piano and he’s an actor. Not just any actor but he has actually done Broadway. This young man is no more than 13 years old and he has graced the stage of Broadway. I’m so speechless. His career absolutely has only just begun. I think it’s fair to say Jahi Winston is off to a phenomenal start and his future heights are limitless.  Photo Credit @Messy_Boots

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