Todd Tucker Executive Producer “Kandi’s Ski Trip” – Did he edit the argument?

Kandi and Todd and Riley
Kandi and Todd and Riley

Todd Tucker is really making a name for himself in the production world of TV, and for this Kandi and Momma Joyce should be proud. I am proud for them and especially for Todd because of how hard it is to break into network television as a producer. But once you are in there you gots to work and show and prove. I’m wondering how much got edited out. I’m sure we not even getting to see the good stuff with the on screen arguments that took place or the complaining.

This was a good idea for Kandi and her newlywed husband Todd Tucker (the Producer)  to take the entire family and crew on a vacation. Who does this for their people and staff? Especially when as executive producer Todd had to be on camera and in charge of the scenes once the production was finished. Do you think we were shortchanged from the arguments?

kandis-ski-trip-personal-pics-02Dag! Oh well let’s look at this story from the YBF’s viewpoint:

Looks like things are heating up on the second episode of “Kandi’s Ski Trip” between Kandi Burruss and her assistant/friend Carmon. Take a peek at their feud and get the deets on “Empire’s” season 2 return inside….

“Kandi’s Ski Trip” was supposed to bring Kandi Burruss, her husband Todd Tucker, their families and assistants closer together. But, in the upcoming episode, Kandi and her childhood friend/assistant Carmon duke it out in a heated discussion over Carmon’s work ethic. Again? Yep.



Peep their altercation and the scene when Mama Joyce jumps down Carmon’s throat in the two clips below

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