Orange County Housewives Shout Out “Sen Couture”

Vicki & Kelli Dodd shout out Designer “Sen Coutour” on Melrose as they are both wearing her fashions to the Reality TV Awards Show 2016. When asked what a day in the life of Vicki Gunvalson we were surprised to know that Vicki works all day long while newbie Kelli Dodd is spending most of her time traveling. Now that was a switch in what we would have assumed.

I also asked the ladies what was the biggest misconception that most people have about them and of course Vicki said “that we sit around drinking all day.” Imagine that? Would we ever think that about any of these fabulous Orange County workaholics? Where did Vicki ever get an idea like that.

Place your thoughts on the interview comments below. Spoiler. The very next day after this interview Vicki was investigated by FBI for Boob Exposure according to Radar Online


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