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The book of John Gray

There is never a dull moment in the Gray household. Learning so much and having parents with great insight and knowing how to place value on that seems to be a problem every teenage is suffering from.

 John is called upon by Tonya, a single mother who is at the end of her rope because her teenage daughter, Kaylana, blatantly disrespects her. During their meeting, John discovers that Kaylana has a history of stealing and even destroyed her mother’s car. “This is an issue of respect,” he tells Kaylana, “and that’s what this boils down to.”

Tonya has always considered Kaylana her “miracle baby” because doctors told her she shouldn’t have Kaylana because of trouble in utero but Tonya chose to have her anyway. But, John believes, that for 17 years, Tonya has been so busy admiring her miracle that she has not provided the discipline Kaylana really needs.

Here, John gets frank with Kaylana telling her that it’s time she showed her mother some respect.

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