Who Are We?

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About the Producers Channel

Hi there! I’m a journalist aka Media Whore/photographer by night – Publicist by day! I grew up in Los Angeles, now reside in Atlanta. I love being on the set of movies, music videos, short films, directing web series and I LOVE having a mic in my hand and conducting interviews! I love getting the scoop and keeping myself in the know!  I have 2 sons, I love margaritas and I hate rainy days and mondays. My hobbies are seeing movies in advance of them hitting the theaters, conversations with production, directors, script supervisors and of course writers and staying inside the headspace of the producers. This is why I created the Producers Channel as a place to keep you informed and where producers can tell you the creative ideas that lie behind their thought process when bringing projects to fruition.

The Producer’s Channel will focus on highlighting the lives of African American Women in Film. Women in Entertainment. Women behind the pen and paper that make the articles come to life. Women Directors of Photography and Women like Director Ava DuVernay that are paving the way for tomorrow.

Who’s Hanging Out With Us?

The Producers Channel was founded in 2012, and has been providing quality news to the public, taking them behind the scenes of  major ted carpet shows, and serving them back stories from the producers point of view. Located in Atlanta, GA, the Producers Channel employs several young producers, writers, journalists and aspiring actors and serves as an apprenticeship spot where their upcoming work can be showcased. We do all types of awesome things for the fashion, beauty, production and film festival world as well.

Jonell Whitt – Managing Editor

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